Sheet Pan FRENCH FRIES 3 WAYS | Fully Loaded Vegan French Fry Meals

In today’s video we’re playing around with.. drumroll please…. french fries! Yes, they’re perfect on their own, but can we make …


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  1. This frustrates me so much!!
    "A pooteeen…sometimes called a Pootin"
    UGHHH It's a French dish popularized in Quebec..It's NEVER supposed to be called a Pooteen…That's such ignorant Anglicization and I just can't…
    Like, tell me you're from Ontario without telling me you're from Ontario…'I call it a pooteen'….You're definitely from Ontario, most likely from Toronto or some small ass town in SW Ontario

  2. Hi Candice! I love your videos and the recipes look so good! This isn't food-related 😝 but could you list your outfit info in your video descriptions? I really like your style and would like to look for similar pieces on Vinted. 😅 Or maybe you could share your outfits in another video? Just an idea. Thanks to you and your team for your hard work!

  3. that whole NOTHING WITH A SHADOW DIET PLAN has to be called vegan even oats milk is detaching my 2 finger forehead ways I am fresh out my 20's & my brain scrub surgeon has a credit on my toasty POPTARTS…. pro biotics drinks were not my friend got 17+ year saved up to make my pushcart shelter & get home THANKS

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