Sheet Pan FRENCH FRIES 3 WAYS | Fully Loaded Vegan French Fry Meals

In today’s video we’re playing around with.. drumroll please…. french fries! Yes, they’re perfect on their own, but can we make them EVEN BETTER? Join me …


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  1. This frustrates me so much!!
    "A pooteeen…sometimes called a Pootin"
    UGHHH It's a French dish popularized in Quebec..It's NEVER supposed to be called a Pooteen…That's such ignorant Anglicization and I just can't…
    Like, tell me you're from Ontario without telling me you're from Ontario…'I call it a pooteen'….You're definitely from Ontario, most likely from Toronto or some small ass town in SW Ontario

  2. Hi Candice! I love your videos and the recipes look so good! This isn't food-related 😝 but could you list your outfit info in your video descriptions? I really like your style and would like to look for similar pieces on Vinted. 😅 Or maybe you could share your outfits in another video? Just an idea. Thanks to you and your team for your hard work!

  3. that whole NOTHING WITH A SHADOW DIET PLAN has to be called vegan even oats milk is detaching my 2 finger forehead ways I am fresh out my 20's & my brain scrub surgeon has a credit on my toasty POPTARTS…. pro biotics drinks were not my friend got 17+ year saved up to make my pushcart shelter & get home THANKS

  4. I'm inspired.. but I only had random stuff on hand sooo I made my own version of loaded fries. Cuban sandwich inspired. I used frozen seasoned fries, sliced smoked Gouda (follow your heart) that I melted separately into a sauce, sliced Sweet Earth ham, and chopped garlic dill pickles. And mustard of course. So good!

  5. Candice, I just want to say I love the new format. I love hearing from you and molly doing confessional. I love the music as you are showing the steps in cooking, and I love the video quality. It looks like I'm in your home.

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