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  1. Hello manjula unty em huge fan of your cooking i got so much love and respect only because of your recipies i try at my home for my husband and my father inlaw thank u so much unty

  2. Saffron is ridiculously expensive everywhere. That being said, you really don't use a lot of it for any recipe (3 – 4 'sprigs' is usually enough, even for the largest meals).

  3. Dear Manjula, I have been pricing Saffron and it is so expensive here. Almost like gold itself. There is not an indian population here. I will be moving to where there is, so can saffon be purchased at a better price at an Indian Market? Or is it just expensive everywhere?

  4. WOW! I live (and grew up) in eastern Canada. This is like nothing I've ever seen before and makes me wish I had grown up in India! Yummy! Once again thanks for sharing your recipes!

  5. Is the yogurt you are using is same as home-dahi ???

    It is quite different and looks tastier than the ones we prepare at home ..

    Could you instruct here about how to get such a texture ..

    Thanks in Advance

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