Simple French Bread #shorts

The kind of French bread you get in front of the deli at the grocery store. Print off this recipe at: …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. So far my favorite bread recipe yet. I'm wondering if this can be baked in a traditional loaf and how long it should be baked if so.
    Thanks for all your videos, they are wonderful and make cooking so much easier and more fun.

  2. ≋There's≋ ≋something≋ ≋magical≋ ≋about≋ ≋your≋ ≋food ≋I≋ ≋appreciate≋ ≋your≋ ≋efforts≋ I ≋was≋ ≋wondering≋ if≋ you ≋could ≋share≋ a video of you cooking with ≋K≋H≋A≋L≋ ≋viewers≋

  3. We don't use sugar, also there is too much water our bread even in industrial don't look like this inside, not saying Its not good ! But Its not looking like a baguette in the inside, but a bit on the outside yes but Its not crispy and there is no holes on the inside

    You have to put the dry then the wet, and a bit less water and you will have a true french baguette !

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