Single Woman Chooses A Man To Date Based On Their Breakfast Dishes • Tasty

3 breakfast dishes, 1 date! Who will she choose? Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: Subscribe to Tasty: About …


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  1. Tbh… the avocado one looked so much more pretty… like the creamy pastel green…n the egg…n the onion the pinky …it was like the cherry on top…I ll cook dat forever in my sundays actually anytime I feel I need to bounce my mood up

  2. That avocado toast looks hella tasty haha I never had avocado toast but I'd def try his, cant go wrong with a classic breakfast sandwich but his looks great and I see he also added avocado, looks great and the last guy I literally never tried putting cornflakes on my French toast

  3. There`s a few things i`d like to point out. 1) Who in the world has a productive Sunday? 2) The sandwich was weak 3) Café`s would charge 15 bucks for that avocado toast 4) French toast guy was the obvious winner, dude was chill, the toast itself looks mad. All in All i am satisfied.

  4. the only problem I have with the toast is that when you add cayenne pepper or anything red it makes it look brown and disgusting and appearence does make a difference

  5. If the first guy added Lox to the Avocado toast…He probably would've got my vote!
    And Brotha Bear KNOW he should've seasoned them Eggs. lol
    The Last Guy gets my vote (CHALLA bread is best for French toast 😉 but I likes brioche too

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