Single Woman Chooses A Man To Date Based On Their Dessert Recipe

Cailyn will be going on a blind date with one of three men, and the only thing she will have to make her decision off of is which …


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  1. She tried all of the desserts, liked the peanut brownies the most but picked the trifle because she reckoned she would like the guy better and she was basically on the money I think lol

  2. I agree on her decision about the cookies, but the other two are a hard choice for me… The guy that made the brownies is totally my type but on the other hand I loved to layers in the jars, looked so yummy also I do have a soft spot for Indian food which makes it harder to decide 😅

  3. I have only met 2 men in my life that could really cook, so this was awesome to watch. It would be so awesome to have a man around that was genuine, smart, funny, kind and could cook. These desserts look so good.

  4. If you ate looking for someone that can cook, do a video based on actual cooking. In all cases of desserts were baked not cooked.

  5. They all looked so good but I would have picked number one as well. That looked so good and loved the spoon and the fact it was in a jar gave it more points.

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