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  1. I hate these kind of videos! I didn’t click on the video to read a recipe!! Using voice over to give directions and explain your process .

  2. In the Mac and cheese is that “sweet potato” used? How many sweet potatoes used for this recipe? Want to be sure my measurement is right. Going to make! Beautiful recipes.

  3. I tried the first recipe and I did not expect jackfruit to be so sour! Yuk. Had to put it under the running water to get rid of their acidity and started again. Waste of products. As it was already cooked overnight in the slow cooker, I added BBQ spices to my taste + soy sauce, tamari, agave syrup and veggie stock and cooked it in slow cooker for another hour. Then baked it in the oven. Voila. I’m surprised that many recipes do not tell that jackfruit from the can will taste very sour.

  4. Lookin for a fast snack to do on tasty
    Still watching this even though it is SLOW COOOOOOOOOOOKER
    Like if u do the same🙄🙄🙄🙄

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