Sorry, but White Chicken Chili is BETTER than Regular Chili

This creamy white chicken chili recipe is slow-cooked with chiles, caramelized onions, beans, spices, and shredded chicken for a …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Looks incredible… and I did see that there was one itsy-bitsy, teensy tablespoon of coriander.. but no fresh chopped cilantro on the top? 😱 I kept thinking… Oooooh no, please don't tell me Chef Billy is in the 25% (or whatever it is) of cilantro haters? 😩

  2. I love watching this videos… you always learn a lot and hes just so pleasant to listen to and to watch… overall, what a greatly produced channel this is.

  3. 14:07 I made this in my own way… meaning I lacked some I gradients but it definitely was like chilli. I put a few bits of corn in at the end because I didn’t have corn chips and garnished with a light grating of lemon zest because that was all I had to give it a fresh bright finish. Husband and I both loved it. Also all I had for beans was a can of black beans. 🤭

  4. Love all your stuff, but find it very odd that no salt was used in the entire process until the very end as a to taste option. I mean, not as familiar with stocks but I assume some salts in the chicken were dissolved into the stock during boiling. Still, Nosrat taught us that if you salt earlier in the process you end up having to use less salt than at the end. Why not add a little when the spices were added or to the stock while boiling? I just can’t help but feel like it’ll come out bland for a lot of people.

  5. Recently I have the chance to try Ogbono soup with plantain and cassava Fufu and it tastes delicious. But it's quite hard to find recipes on Youtube that has detailed ingredients quantity like the one from Western countries. Could you take a look and try it? I think it would be awesome

  6. Thanks Chef, this looks amazing. I was turned onto white chicken chili with a recipe on the back of a can of Bush's beans. Your technique to sautee and blend all the veg into a sauce looks amazing. Def. gonna give it a whirl (pun intended).

  7. Going to try this tonight or tomorrow. Have to skate today- maybe tomorrow.

    Anyway you would say "monter à la crème". Because "crème" is feminine and "beurre" is masculine.

  8. The white bean chicken chili in St. Louis is called the
    “Lewis and Clark“ chili
    it’s legendary . Thanks for reminding me, it’s a must make.

  9. Like all your other videos/recipes this looks amazing, and I can't wait to try. I know you said don't worry about it… but I do not have "scraps" of veggies to throw in the stock but want the flavor and am willing to buy some veggies for it. What do you recommend? Thanks for your time.

  10. @Chef Billy Parisi – We are almost always taught to season the dish "as you go". Why do you instruct seasoning this dish at the end instead?

  11. I'm sorry my guy. You're a talented cook. That is no doubt. But telling people to rinse your chicken not okay. Can we just talk about spreading salmonella and making people sick. No mention of rinsing and sterilizing your sick after that or anything. Instead of rinsing juices off your chicken, you could just buy an air chilled chicken instead of water cooled and then you avoid this problem. Please educate others along with yourself.

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