Spanish Paella Recipe with Seafood

Learn how to make this authentic Spanish Paella recipe that is loaded up with vegetables, chicken, and fresh seafood! Paella in …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I'm going to make the paella with shrimp and Dewy sausage and chicken thighs I have Bomba rice and I have Spanish saffron I think it'll fall into place I'll probably use fish stock from the shrimp

  2. Sheez, just when I thought it couldn’t get better! Thanks chef.
    Any Mardi Gras jambalaya or gumbo on the radar soon? Pretty please?

  3. I made this dish and followed the recipe, no chicken , wow amazing. I understand on why to take your time. It’s show in the taste at the end. Thank you so much for sharing

  4. For the people who said he destroyed the paella it may not be exactly to the T if you are from Spain basically channels are directed towards the average American whether it's authentic or not it is awesome and my girlfriend who is Real Madrid says it is delicious

  5. Some very hard-core (and minimalist) Paella cooks in Spain, sometimes say that, traditionally, Paella is cooked over a wood (leña) fire and contains merely rabbit and big flat green beans. One of, no doubt, numerous variations/varieties. ???

  6. No. Onion is not ever used in any form of paella as it makes the rice go soft. No. you do not add the squid after the tomato (but along with the bell pepper). As it were, all seafood should be previously fried and remove to leave the flavour in the oil. No. The garlic is never added in this phase, but at the end as its cooking time is short and it will add no flavour at this stage (this is not an italian sauce!). No. You do not cook during any of the process covering the pan up. You only cover up after withdrawing from the flame and leave it for 5-10 mins to settle. No. You do not add the mussels and clams at that late phase, but do them in the oil, withdraw and add later. No. You do not add fresh parsely at the end. And the most important part is the rice, how much you add per person, the proportion of rice to liquid and the process of cooking it to its optimal texture. You don't even talk about this. This "paella" doesnt even allow you to see the most important part which is the rice. This is a "stew" and not a paella. Perhaps you would do well to contact some true Spanish chef and find out how this is done.

  7. Sorry but if you cook the shrimp and mussels for 35 minutes they will be =overcooked=, especially if covered for 15 minutes, and as someone else mentioned you don't even mention soccorat which is probably the most important part of paella.

  8. Sounds delicious. Not sure what chef meant when he said, “if you have to, taste it”. If a chef doesn’t taste everything that chef cooks, how does that chef really know how it tastes? Ingredients vary all the time as do the flavors.

  9. No man, no…. all people who do that things as you, with our traditional recipe, does so much bad to all people who follows this one, and make think they are eating something realy original and traditional…but not… valencian paellas never mix seafood with meats, never includes onions and this kind of peas. Never use the tomatoes on dices, try to use a matured grate tomato and fry after meats and vegetables. Paella must be with chicken and rabbit, or you can use chicken if don't find or refuse to eat rabbit meat…or only with seafood….and tha way to cook both are different: with meats you cook the meat, after the vegetables and add water for cook 20-30 min for have the broth…and when the stock is done you'll add the rice….the safron you used, needs to be toasted lightly and smushed… you can use garlic and paprika optionally (never spicy) and fry before add the water, but never use pepper….you need a greater pan, bacause rice must be so thicker as you can cook… and for seafood one, you need to cook before a god stock apart with "fish for soup", onion, garlic, leek, tomato, you can use prowns heads too, monkfish spines…. for more information you can visit try this and you'll see….

  10. You are insulting all Valencians (Spain) that is rice with things, it looks scrambled. They can sue you, Valencian paella is protected by law.

  11. This is my first to see this vid. Im just impressed, motivated, inspired and listen very well to every word you say. I guess you're a such a great trainer. How I wish I'm one of your trainees. You really explained very detailed, and so well. You're tone of voice as a trainer is relaxed. I can feel that you're really pushing someone to be someone! Very good! I'm glad I saw this vid. Have a great new year ahead from Philippines! God bless.

  12. Cómo destrozar una paella eso no se parece en nada a una paella de marisco yo soy valenciano en mi vida he visto una paella como esa porfavor no desprestigien una comida tan maravillosa yo lo calificaría de desastre culinario si quieren comer una paella auténtica vengan a Valencia todo lo de más es incomible que desastre de paella 😱😱😱

  13. Can the seafood be added at the end? Or I brown it and take it out and add it at the end? I just don't want to have rubbery & overcooked squid and prawn. Or that's the texture that people are after for Paella?!

  14. paella is a thin layer of rice barely a centimeter and a half and not the 5 centimeters of rice that you have made. The rice you have made looks stale, white and not browned underneath. And the tomato gets scratched, without skin and not the dice that you have cut. And what is all those peas? and parsley? What a sacrilege you have done.

  15. What you have done is not a paella. If you do that in Valencia they would laugh at you. How do I know that's not paella? I know because I'm from Valencia. British and gastronomy are antonyms.

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