Spicy Cashews Recipe by Manjula, Indian Gourmet Appetizer

View full recipe at http://www.manjulaskitchen.com/spicy-cashews/ Learn How to make Spicy Cashews Recipe by Manjula.


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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing lovely recipes with us that's was easy to make as well great tip we can gift to someone near n dear thanks dear mam

  2. Thank you very much every one of your recipes fascinates me, when I was in your wonderful land I went crazy with your food and when I see your videos I go back to those wonderful days and I am very motivated to make your recipes, again thank you..namaste.

  3. Hi Manjula. I have learnt so many recipes by watching you. Cooking. Some of the recipes I have tried which turned out well. You are a very good cook. Thank you Regards, Asha

  4. Alternatively, you may use microwave oven to roast cashews. This method has many advantages. Firstly, you need far little oil. Roasting consistency is achieved. Less wastages due to overheating.

    First rub oil to all cashews. Leave them for 5 minutes. Then rub all the ingredients. You can mix the ingredients in a bowl and then rub that mixture to cashews as well. Now, you put cashews in microwave in shallow ceramic pot. You need not cover the pot. Please roast them for about 5 to 6 minutes

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