Spinach (Palak) Chaat Recipe by Manjula, Indian Gourmet Appetizers

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  1. I recently became very interested in finding wild weeds to eat, and so, I now have around three pounds of dandilion greens I don't want to go to waste. Could I use those in this recipe instead of spinach, or is the taste too different?
    I've substituted it into other recipes like spinach dip, and although it IS different, it's still pretty good. I was just wondering if the spinach taste was a key flavor in this recipe.

  2. I made the balls last nite. I was afraid that it would not turn out as nice as yours because I used frozen spinach and it seemed like it made the mix too runny but it still turned out well. Thanks Auntie Manjula.

  3. Dear Manjula,
    I can't stop repeating how awesome job you do. Your recipes are inspiration for me, every dish you show looks delicious! I'm glad I have some palak to spare, I'm looking forward to do Palak Chaat. I hope I can replace besan flour with wholewheat flour (in Poland finding this first is, let's say, a challenge). Thank you a lot. Kasia.

  4. This snack is beautiful and seems it'd be more tasty than your run of the mill potatoe chips or corn chips, Spinach (Palak) Chaat,….lookin' GREAT dear Manjula,..thumbs up to ya and thankin' ya for the COOL Share!! =D

  5. Great job auntie I, so nice to know you put that extra efforts so your viewers get to know new recipies.I It,s like mom taking care of the kids, chaat looks super delicious

  6. Hi.

    Enjoy all your recipes.

    Want to request the recipe for chutneys – specifically – hari dhaniya chutney and tamarind date chutney for chaats.

    Hope you will post chutney videos soon…:)


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