Steak and Potatoes: Feeding My Family a GOURMET Meal with Only $25

Food is CRAZY and expensive, and because budgets can get tight, I want to see if I can give a family of 4 a fine dining meal for …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. After reviewing the footage, he only bought one garlic clove, yet he used more than one in the recipe and he snuck in some parsley when we weren't watching! CHEATER!! 😛

  2. Yes! Finally a down to earth no nonsense amazing cooking channel. I was tired of trying to make a recipe and facing overly expensive/not available ingredients or the need of an expensive kitchen appliance I don't have. Amazing dish! I will make this tomorrow for Lunch!

  3. Cool tricks for the potatoes! Over here in Sweden where Hasselbackspotatoes comes from we often use a wooden spoon to not cut them through. Simply put the potatoes in the spoon and cut. But American potatoes are often quite big so I understand that it's a good idea to use those sticks. We also scoop them during the cooking with the melted butter from the tray but you probably know that and it takes bit of time to take them out from the oven now and then. I envy the good cheap meat you have! Looks delicious, thanks! 🙂

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