Steak Au Poivre Recipe – Peppered Steak with Cognac Cream Sauce

Impress your friends and family with this simple to prepare classic steak au poivre recipe with a delicious cognac peppercorn …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Cooking meat to very well done and fork tender is easy to do. I've doing for decades. Some of us have compromised immune systems and and only eat well done to avoid major illness. Takes a while to figure out how to cook things to have the desired texture and be safe.

    I got sick from food poisoning in the 90s. I now deal with life long issues.

  2. Malmaison… it's not felt that way, however, by those of us who lived there (though we speak French and understand what mal + maison mean). There's a Paris suburb, Rueil-Malmaison. The eponymous château is very beautiful. Maybe originators of the hotel/restaurant name were from there? Great vid, by the way.

  3. He's been to Culinary school but he puts a cold steak into a cold pan, the oil wasnt even hot yet. I wonder what chef taught him that? Best part about seariing a steak is hearing and seeing it sizzle as soon as you put it into the pan.. I dont think its neccessary to stick so much cracked pepper into the sides of the steak, it will give too strong and harsh taste, There's enough pepper in the sauce.

  4. I dont know where did you get that recepie, but its completely wrong. You must use quality green pepercorns that come in a brine, they give the sauce very specific flavour. Than you must also add mustard and beef/veal stock.

  5. Big ass grey ring around the outside and blue in the middle. I can understand if you're lazy and wanna take the steak straight out of the fridge, but at least baste it or finish it in the oven after a quick sear so it's not THAT uneven. You just can't cook a 1.5-2 inch steak properly by blasting it on high the entire time, even if that does give a "good crust". Also that butter is burned to hell. I've never seen someone try to play up their culinary experience so much while making something that would be considered fundamentally wrong in any culinary school.

  6. the best steak and meat and every heated food is only on grill above charcoals or in the brickstove, because the heat is more tender and also there is smoke with oil vapours from wood.

  7. You forgot to mention to remove your steak from the fridge 1 hour before cooking so that it can come up to temp. Also, you added the butter to early friend, it turned beurre noir and the garlic couldn't take it at that point which ended up scorching. I would suggest once you flip your steak and sear the second side, add a bunch of very cold butter, thyme and garlic and begin to baste as it foams, it will sear as well. I think your heat was too high all the way through the cook.

    Other than that, great video and beautiful sauce.

  8. I place in the pan heated properly , correctly. place down don't touch it. 3- 4 min flip that baby. I too sear the side of fat also dredge pepper corns all over.
    Love 💘 your videos ; if you are who I think you are ; usually have a joke or two at the end of your videos ????🤔
    Appreciate your teaching techniques.

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