STUFFED MUSHROOMS | the best vegetarian recipe for Thanksgiving & Christmas

Stuffed mushrooms are always a party favorite, especially during the holidays! Soft mushroom caps are stuffed with a cheesy, …


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  1. I've eaten SO many of these stuffed mushrooms in the past two weeks photographing and filming the recipe…. and I'm not mad about it! 🤣 Hope you guys enjoy the recipe as much as I do! xo – Lisa

  2. Xmas Eve 2022, and we just finished dinner. These mushrooms were wonderful! I had no parsley or pecans so added walnuts and were they ever delish! Will be making these often! Thank you for a great recipe!

  3. This sounds excellent. I can no longer have dairy so instead of using the cheeses, I may try a little creamy tofu and cashew butter instead. If I make these for company though I'll use the cheeses and just have something different myself. Thank you for the recipe.

  4. Man I love stuffed mushrooms all kinds of ways now I kind of like realize how my wife used to have to go and make meals for me and believe me making a meal for me is like feeding the monster and believe me I can eat yeah I do love my wife I'm sorry she's not with me anymore but you know watching these shows give me a lot of respect for her 😁👍👍👍🇺🇲💪✌️

  5. Hint, when bashing the garlic, turn the serrated knife or cutting end away from your hand. It would become a mess and a nightmare if you cut yourself while doing this procedure. (Approximately 2:13 of the video ) Some people have allergies to nuts.

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