Supplements for vegans | Q & A with Candice | The Edgy Veg

Today Candice is answering your questions! The topics covered today include vegan supplementing, if Candice and James fight …


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  1. All of the comments about her supplements are so unnecessary. Some people just like taking vitamins (me included)! She specifically states that it's just what she likes to do, and it makes her feel good. Everyone has their own health regimen, just let people live the way they want.

  2. Thank you for actually talking about the supplements that you take. Most vegans avoid talking about that, and that really bugs me. No diet is perfect, and it's great to know that there are some realist vegans that actually aren't afraid to make that "admission" about their diet.

  3. I'm torn. I bought a B12 supplement and found it was affecting my memory – weird because it's meant to be good for memory. My doctor told me you don't need to take supplements because your body will get it where it can and make up for it.

  4. WHATTT You've been to Nicaragua! I'm so happy! I am from there but am studying in the states now for college. I'm so glad you've visited my country, not many people I've met even knew we were on the map haha

  5. It doesn't bother me to wash meat dirty plates, because i have to cool that disgusting stuff for my husband and son, yuck. especially cooking beef grosses me out so bad, but i still do it for them, because im not going to force them to change. I just hope eventually they will.

  6. Can you make a freezable breakfast sandwich that can be warmed up in the microwave for super busy vegan students (like the non vegan Morningstar ones or somethings kinda like it) pretty please 💕💕💕💕💕

  7. Love your answer about vegan kid: short and true. "No it's not. Go f#Ç yourself" xD. It's usually the kind of answer I give for every question (kidding). Thanks for the video, I love your Q&A's. <3

  8. Recently started watching your videos and have to say they are amazing 😊I'm trying to slowly become vegan and I enjoy your videos a lot so please do more baking and cooking Vids- ☺also I love to bake except for the fact i can't find vegan baking items ( like butter, heavy cream etc). Any idea where i can find these, i live in toronto as well and I find it difficult to find non-dairy items in regular supermarkets. 🙂

  9. Although I didn't grew up vegetarian nor vegan, however, I recently eliminate meat off my diet and going on my sixth month of being a vegetarian. Do you have relatives who are not vegetarian and/or vegan? If so, what are some good advice for those who are vegan or vegetarian when it comes to such holidays where any meat products are served?

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