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  1. My 84 year old Grandpa Gene asked me about pho and what makes it so special. I showed him this video and said that the broth/stock is otherworldly and so so good. Taking him for his first pho tasting soon!

  2. I want to make this so bad but each time I find myself being super intimidated by it, can anyone tell me what type of noodles you would typically use for this? And where you can find them? Also… what does she do with the 1lb. of brisket? Did she cut that up into smaller pieces and add that with the pho dish?
    With the beef leg bones are they typically meaty? If they are what do you do with the meat? Or are they not meaty? But also where do you buy the beef leg bones?

    I know it’s a lot of questions but I don’t really have any friends that I can ask or who can show me and I really would love to be able to make this dish.

  3. I am currently simmering my broth right now, my house smells amazing. However I have come across a bit of an issue with this recipe and the video. The recipe calls for 10 lbs of beef bones. This is a huuuuuuuuge amount, which the video does not portray at all. I could not fit everything in the hugest pot I owned. So I am using an electric turkey roaster and hoping for the best. I think next time I will be halving this recipe to make it more manageable. But on the positive side, I will have so much pho broth.

  4. Why can Americans say Vietnam/Vietnamese better than American born Vietnamese kids. It's "Vietnam" not "Vitnam"….this is super annoying because vit mean duck and nam means south so you're essentially saying southern duck people. Just show down and pronounce the Viet.

  5. Pho is my go to noodle, not ramen like most people I know, and it’s crazy how many people you meet over the Internet who like pho but in real life everyone around me is eat pb and j and those funky uncrustables .-.

  6. I just made my first batch of Pho ever and I'm surprised how well it turned out. I've had it before from a Vietnamese restaurant, so I had something to compare it with. I think it was pretty spot on. I basically boiled some bacon slices along with the left-over bones from three T-bone steaks. I then added cloves, garlic, star-anise, cinnamon, pepper, fish sauce, soy-sauce, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, bay leaves and a tiny bit of sriracha. After an hour I added some cut up green onion (the giant kind), a whole regular onion, carrots, parsley and cilantro. I let all that stew for 6 hours and by the time I was done my giant pot was reduced to half. I then drained all the solid bits and was left with a medium-sized pot of broth. I was kind of hoping I would have more broth after so much work but it tasted amazing; I can always make more next time. After this I thinly sliced some onions and raw semi-frozen bits of steak, boiled some rice noodles and added some cilantro and bean sprouts, then covered all of it with boiling hot broth. Lot's of work but it was so worth it, and everyone else in my family liked it too. I wonder if pho would be good with some hard-boiled eggs marinated in soy sauce as well as some shrimp dumplings. Might try that next.

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