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  1. I made this tonight and it was very delicious!! I used ground cinnamon so the color turned darker and used less sugar, it’s a very authentic recipe. I will make it many times again.

  2. Dear Manjula, Namaste.
    I hope you are safe and confortable in this very dramatic times.
    Can you help me please? I am looking for a recipe of something i loved as a child, in Tanzania. We called it sweet rice and chana, but i cant find any recipes with that name. Im not really sure if the chana was sweet or the rice, but one was savory and the other sweet and it was delicious! do you know what it was?
    Thank you very much, and thank you for your lovely videos!

  3. yes saffron is costly. you can soak one or two strands of saffron in a cup of water or milk for half an hour and then add to the dish, if you are soaking in milk ensure the milk is not spoiled after soaking for half an hour, else if you are soaking in milk, better keep it in refrigerator.

  4. I actually inherited some saffron so I have to make this. But I don't have the nuts. I'll do without. Tumeric makes a great saffron substitute, they call it 'the poor man's saffron'.

  5. great recipe!
    i bought saffron the other week and other than adding it to Basmati rice i have no idea what else to do with it so really THANKS for this recipe.
    plz message me with any ideas on what i can use the Saffron with as i LOVE Mid-Eastern food i.e…indian and etc…

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