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  1. Is it possible to do this without the bell pepper? I cook for both my partner and I and unfortunately my partner is a big baby man who picks out his vegetables but eats everything else on his plate

  2. So I added few things in it… like
    1 chicken cube,
    Salt and Pepper,
    Green onions,
    Yellow onions,
    Also I cooked all the vegetables in butter for 2 mins.
    It tasted delicious 😋

  3. This is perfect!! I would recommend only using 1/2 cup of vinegar instead of 3/4 cause it had a very overwhelming smell and taste more sour than sweet🙈 but it's amazing! Loved it 🙂

  4. Could you stop listing the ingredients in the top right hand corner please as YouTube keep pushing suggestions at us and their text completely covers your text so we're unable to read what's going in the dish if like me people are using a phone to watch the video. It's ironic but this is only a suggestion!
    Happy to help!

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