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  1. Tasty chef: So what kind of tacos do you want
    Some people: With hard shell, those are good
    Some other people: Soft shells are a BILLION TIMES BETTER!!
    Tasty chef: 'Kay, how about BOTH 3:55

  2. juste merveilleux!!!
    Merci pour vos recettes, trés bien décrites; a nos fourneaux!
    je suis impatiente de réaliser le roulé d'aubergines, vive la cuisine Méditerranéenne!
    gratitude pour tout ce que peut nous donner la Terre,
    prenons Soin d'Elle, pour prendre Soin de Nous Tous:)

  3. Good ideas but instead of using premade hard shells you could just cook the tortillas til they are soft then fold em and continue to cook em til they are crispy on both sides (with or without oil).

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