Tasting Most Popular VEGAN BACON Products (These AREN'T Meat?!)

Ask and you shall receive! We’re finally taste testing some of the most popular vegan bacon products on the market right now!


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  1. Kings vegetarian bacon is the best bacon. They started out in restaurants called zen gardens which has the best vegetarian and vegan Chinese food. And it is gluten free bacon just they make stuff that have gluten so there can be trace amounts which is why it doesn’t say gluten free.

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  3. I totally want to see you guys taste test pizza, that’s my biggest weakness. And I need to know which of these vegan pizzas won’t piss me off when I eat them. Love your work so much! 💕💖💕

  4. British bacon is undercooked? You've got to be joking!!! Anyone eating undercooked bacon is going to get really sick… we don't eat undercooked bacon in Britain at all. Also many Brits like their bacon cooked until it's well and truly crispy. Crispy bacon is big thing for Brits. Our 'streaky bacon' is almost the same as American bacon and is often cooked until it's very dark and crisp. I'd like to eat a vegan bacon that actually tastes nice, but so far I've not been impressed with the vegan alternatives in Britain.

  5. The only vegan bacon I have really liked is your recipe for rice paper bacon!

    We love a video with Molly & every time you said “giving me” I was just hearing JVN and I’m here for it 😂

  6. Americans are the only ones who say "canadian bacon" lol.. it's peameal bacon 😊 – from a canadian.. we don't eat it instead of "american" bacon

  7. I'm finding a lot of the meat alternatives have gluten in them which I can't do so I'm not inclined to try most of these. That being said, your rice paper bacon is the BOMB and my absolute go to! My omni family loves it as well and routinely asks for it for breakfast haha. To me it's the real deal and looks a lot more realistic than these ones, although the King bacon looks intriguing!

  8. Can you try and get the King bacon in Montreal!?! Please!…almost looks like Morningstar Farms which is delicious for Vegetarians but usually includes egg white…oh and Morningstar Farms is Kelloggs I think…you girls need to create one that is amazing and will cross the Ontario/Quebec border! Xoxo

  9. Hurray bacon is so sticky and has a very strange flavor to me. Yves brand everything is my favorite but no longer available here. Lightlife is the only one available to us and we have to go to a town about 30 minutes away to get it and it's a little pricey here.

  10. MorningStar Farms Veggie Bacon is sooo amazingly good. If you haven’t tried it, then I recommend that you do. It looks like turkey bacon yet it smells and tastes just like bacon. Whenever I go to the supermarket I buy at least 4 boxes at a time, and I get so disappointed when it’s sold out. After having Morningstar Farms veggie bacon I don’t miss pork bacon anymore because I found the perfect alternative.
    I’m so glad that you included the light life bacon in this video, I almost bought it yesterday now I don’t regret not getting it at all.

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