Tasting Most Popular Vegan Egg Products (Some of these are BAD)

With all of these new vegan egg products coming out I thought we needed to break it down to see how they stack up against each …


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  1. yes you are promoting the egg replacer but in your caption it says Some to these are BAD I thought BAD is just an acronym but when I finish watching video you did not mention any about being BAD please explain thanks

  2. Finally am tested negative of Genital Herpes/diabetic doctor confirmed to that . Thanks to Dr ekan channel on YouTube for being the reason am Celebrating today . Keep saving lives doctor

  3. Scrambled tofu, seasoning, water and steam in a pan for some time until tofu becomes wobbly. Then add chopped small peices of cheese. Stir and add black salt for 5 mins and trust me it's exactly like scramble egg.

  4. Just unfortunately isn't certified vegan, so bummed they cant process it on clean equipment. Why the hell would u process vegan eggs on the same equipment as real eggs??????

  5. You should put I don’t know if you have I’m gonna go look you should put in your description below the name of the thing where you can find it would be nice to link and especially the one that looks like runny eggs I like to try that it would be very useful if you get a link and show which one is the 10 out of 10 etc. whatever you get my idea.

  6. Is anybody not vegan here was not vegan here I’m asking this because if you weren’t vegan and you became vegan and you know what egg is supposed to taste like I’ve tried a lot of egg substitutes in the past because of family health issues (my dad was to lower cholesterol so eggs where at that time a no no) the stuff was primitive to say the least texture ok but flavor well only good once spices and fried in non stick pan ok… that was back then you did with what you could get. Over the years I’ve used tofu, used chickpea liquid tried various other things but I know what makes things taste like so I can make a judgment that’s why I’m asking. My dad did actually add to turmeric to the egg mix to get it that eggy appearance and he did add some flavor to his spice mix that he would put in. I learned how to flavor things so that they tasted like other things But it helps to know what the other things taste like I actually got people to try vegan dishes then I was vegan; consider eating vegan a few days a week if not longer because I showed them they wouldn’t lose anything it would taste like the stuff they were used to eating on regular basis that was in the bad ole days when you couldn’t just go to a supermarket and buy something like beyond beef or fake cheese that actually had flavor (odd as this will sound we use to use fake cheese when I was a kid because of the diet my dad had been placed on to lower cholesterol And when I moved from the states overseas there wasn’t really choices and you had to do everything from scratch no egg substitutes no fake cheese etc, and for health reasons (a kid with a three and half page allergy/sensitivity list) we went macrobiotic vegan and I had to make everything from scratch my daughter who was older then her baby brother had no allergies as such so everything had to be made so our daughter and my fussy spouse would want to eat it and our none vegan guests we would have over (neighbors and friends who looked at us having to go vegan because of my son’s health issues, well the looked at us with such pity) My dad taught me well when it came to thinking outside the box and I learned to make things so convincingly non vegan tasting that they (my family etc) where fooled. Back in those days the Vegans I met where not like the ones I meet today who are militant and almost as bad as the Meat eater with the anti vegan attitude… back then it might have been more a “hippie” attitude of let’s just be cool and feed people to join our side very dudeist as it were or
    Buddhist but improvements in substitution has also made things go so very less cool. 😎

  7. When I gave up real eggs, I found just egg and I do not eat them as scrambled eggs ever. I have become a person who eats basically pan cooked chopped veggies and the just egg holds them together. It's delightful. I sing just eggs' praise's and.

  8. You guys score stuff weird lol. Who cares if its yellow? Add some turmeric. Id like to see some actual nutritional facts to see if its good for you or not. Dont really care if its plant based, animal based, etc. just need it to have a good nutritional profile for me.

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