Tasting New Viral Vegan Holiday Foods (I Can’t Believe the Taste…)

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  1. With videos like this, what might be really helpful is if you included time stamps so that YouTube automatically segments the video, plus links to the items in the description if possible. It would make it easier to come back to this video and try to find that thing that sounded good, but can't quite remember, without having to scrub through the whole video.

  2. Got the moo free advent calendar still I got it a week late, its was only 1.99. My whole family loved the peppermint silk as well. Dandies only 3.89, here dandies are $7 and just the province next to you. Some new products that I would like you to try are the new pc products, fish cakes, pea crumbles, this savory pie thingy, and the regular apple pie and crumble. Also anything chocolate as vegan chocolate that is also fair trade is so expensive so I dont qant to buy a crap one

  3. Lbh, a lot of vegan packaged food actually contain LESS ingredients, or ones cheaper to produce. With the exception of nut goods, nuts are pricey, they take a lot to grow, harvest, etc… but everything else. Grains, oats, beans, legumes. They're making BANK! Simply because vegan is still niche, although thank gosh growing. ♥ So hopefully, one day, they'll have to be more concerned with pricing to beat competition than pricing like they have no competition.

    Those chocolates (11:00) look so good! I need some that in my life. XD Tyfs!

  4. Yum Earth fruit snacks are my favorite vegan gummy I have tried. They aren't a vegan company however. They also have regular gummies with gelatin in them, so be aware of that. I only buy it when it's on sale for around $7 because it's pricey for gummy candy, but I used to love gummies. Still do obviously.

  5. I am prob the only vegan who doesn’t like dandies 🙈. Trader Joe’s make better accidentally vegan marshmallow in my opinion. But for the last 2 yrs the vegan ones been hard to find. I think they are lighter and the texture is better and not so dense. I do think they had a holiday version too, but I’ve never had those. I do miss Sweet and Sara though, those were no comparison to any of the others! That was actually my first vegan marshmallow back in the early 2000’s, I wish I appreciated them more 😭. Best

  6. I found the Earths Own nog to be too much cinnamon flavour and not enough nutmeg like traditional nog has. I would say it's a cinnamon flavoured beverage and not really nog lol.
    So Delicious is still the most similar to traditional egg nog to me. They get the spices and creaminess perfectly.
    I love the peppermint mocha creamer, but I actually wish it was more peppermint lol. I couldn't taste any peppermint in it at all. But it's still sooo good.

  7. If anyone is wondering Moo Free is British. They do lots of crazy vegan chocolate products including a chocolate bear.
    I do love the level of sass in this video. I'm actually wondering if marshmallows and mushroom would actually work together now. Maybe in some sort of popcorn situation.

  8. How long have you been a vegan? Seems like texture is something you don’t forget from non vegan foods even if you have been vegan for a long time. I guess it’s like switching from white bread to whole wheat, you can’t ever forget that smooth airiness of white flour

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