Tasting Viral Vegan Products (So I Won’t Be Buying These Again…)

It’s vegan taste test time! You’ve got to try everything at least once….. right? I bought some popular products from my local vegan …


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  1. I'm sure some of this stuff is not bad tasting. But, the main tenet of WFPBD is not to eat processed foods. What can be more processed than all of thes faux products? So, don't say they're healthy. To,occasionally eat one of these seems OK, as a change. Eating these products continually is a very bad idea.

  2. Most of the Field Roast products I've tried have been legit delicious. I use the fennel & garlic italian sausages a lot with pasta. YUM. I'll DEFINITELY be seeking out these Stadium dogs!

  3. Field roast is junk food but I like their flavor profile the best. Those hotdogs were the only vegan dogs worth buying imo. Maybe it's because I never was a hotdog person when I ate meat.

    I like Smart Sweets but it is for weening off of sugar. They are too expensive for a lifestyle food. They do catch the craving for gummies. I got the sourpatch kind. I eat them 2-4 at a time and try not to chew.

  4. LightLife Hotdogs are soooo good,you cant even tell that their vegan hotdogs.But Field Roast makes some good stuff,their sausages are good😍🤤🌭🌱

  5. One thing i rly rly rly dont like is, how positive vegan testers are, even when theyr not being sponsored, ive had products people were overjoyed with and when i tried them even though they resembled the real deal they still end up making me never wanna eat it again. lol

  6. The Field Roast classic smoked plant-based frankfurters … they are even better than the stadium version! And I think they're a little fatter too. You must try!!

  7. When I first went plant based, the food was meh. Now several years later… everything is plant based! Thanks for helping me create some grocery list items

  8. Thanks ladies, fun test. But… between them being so highly priced and so highly processed, I'd take a hard pass… the cost is about a weeks worth of groceries for my po' ass!

  9. Honestly I didn't like the grilled cheese when I had it a fews years ago. I ended up battering it with a spiced fish pakora style batter. Nice alternative to mozzarella sticks and was good with a salad.

  10. Saying this with love. It would be a little better on video if you dressed in a similar style. My preference would be more “girls day out” less “hot for a date” look on camera. Both are sharing great info and I appreciate that. Thanks.

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