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  1. Marinating actually does very little for the meat. Overdoing it can actually do more harm than good. A dry brine is the best solution. It's only salt that penetrates into meat.

  2. I Don’t think salt should be part of a dry rub. because if you only put dry rub on your meet you won’t know how much salt you put. I could be a smaller amount and since the only way to put more salt is with more rub it will be over seasoned. Salt should be separate

  3. "How to cook perfect chicken breast"

    "Once the internal temperature has reached"… FFS, if I was just using a thermometer to stick into the chicken, I wouldn't need a video.

  4. Ukrainian Food 101. All over the country. Most decadent tasting foods. How to dip your feed into this new cuisine. Can you make plenty of episodes? To understand how to do the basic recipes and spices.

    When you're able to.

  5. Poultry is a great word. Chicken conjours up memories of tasteless dry chicken breasts. "Tofu of the animal kingdom'.
    Poultry = Peking duck, crispy skin chicken thighs, fried chicken…..

  6. In tasty's video of how to marinade, oil was part of the marinade whereas in this video u r saying it shouldn't be done….so confused…

  7. I LOVE how I can find a quick video on how to cook/bake basic things. This chicken rub recipe is great! Doing the marinade tonight & adding pineapple to serve with the rice, since it seems to have some Hawaiian flavors. Thank you so much for doing these videos!

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