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  1. Honestly, i would LOVE Alexis's burger because I'm a big fan of having something pickled in my burger. Adding cheddar cheese is a classic ingredient for every burger i eat. Also, the bun looked so crispy and i love crispy toasted buns more than the soft ones. The aioli sauce? Genius. I love aioli sauce so freaking bad. And when she said that she made her dream burger, i realised she made my dream burger too. Amazing burger, def gonna try it out

  2. I will try to make kiano's burger…. The other two also look delicious but they didn't anything to their patty other than just adding salt and pepper.. Kiano mixed in spices, cilantro and stuffed it with cheese, even with out that tomato jam that burger is already flavourful.

  3. The guys is like a set great burger chain like rich place type
    Alexis i want as a mother 😂 lmao

    And last one yesss super different like one time lovely experience thing

  4. alexis’s burger is something i’d eat n pack to work everyday cuz its easy to make, robin’s burger is that kind of burger u’d get at rock cafe like a night out with friends or when i want to treats n make one myself on weekends and kiano’s burger is something i’d eat occasionally eat cause its it different from the other two

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