Tasty Cooking Challenge: Granddaughter Vs. Grandmother

Family time is always fun! Watch Nicole and her grandma compete to make two kinds of delicious bao. This video will get you ready to watch DreamWorks …


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  1. Coincidence that she speaks like a child and acts like a child this is just a publicity stunt and it felt unnatural but hey pretty cool video just like it shows that it's sponsored lol

  2. When i was little my nonnie would make homemade ravioli for Christmas dinner and she would make ONE without any filling…just all pasta…and whoever got that one brought it to our poppie in exchange for a 100 dollar bill!! I love to hear other family traditions that are similar…always warms my heart and brings me back to my childhood:)

  3. Aw I miss my grandmas. I was blessed with 2 amazing Women to call "Lola" (Grandma). So I totally get cooking as a connection to them as now when I really want to remember them I make their recipes. As we get older, family recipes really do start to matter more and more. I'm learning my Mom's unique ones now.

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