Tawa Naan – Naan without Tandoor – Indian Flat Bread Recipe by Manjula

View full recipe at http://www.manjulaskitchen.com/tawa-naan-without-tandoor/ Learn how to make Tawa Naan (Naan without …


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  1. Didn't work for me. The naan looked very yummy like in the video, but the taste was very far from what I eat at naan house. Their naan melts in the mouth. The one i made wasn't fluffy, it tasted like plain roti. Disappointing. I am not sure, maybe yoghurt was wrong…i don't know.
    Is it possible to make tawa naan with yeast?

  2. The internet can be such a beautiful place. I don't know anyone who is Indian but I adore Indian foods. It's incredible that I can hop on YouTube and find such an endearing video of someone showing me the perfect and authentic way to make my own naan. I love this channel❤

  3. Thank you Manjula Auntie. Your videos are so simple and sweet and you make it look so easy. Traditional instead of fashionable! I appreciate this approach as we all can relate. Thanks so much.

  4. Great recipie but alas in England, they love Indian food but will give no credit to Indians. If its is made by white British like Jamie Oliver, Rick Stien Gordon Ramsey, Matt Tebbit or wven Afro Caribeans, anyone except Indian people and they never or sledom have Indians on main stream TV. Well certainly not Indian males and they tell them to go back home and then go to Indian resteraunts and then call the waiter Guggaddin, Alladin, Sabu or much worse. I note Indians are willing to share the recipies, but Europeans are not that way inclined, its a secret they say. When all British food is boild cabbage and mash potato and boiled liver and onion!

  5. I just started learning Indian food recipes and very appreciate your help: naan comes out better, than store bought "tandoori" one.
    I have real tawa skillet though🤗
    Thank you very much! You weirdly remind me my grandmom, in spite of her being Slavic.

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