Testing OVER-HYPED Vegan Food…Are They WORTH IT?

After our last taste test, we wanted to go round two to try some of the most over-hyped vegan food on the market right now.


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  1. PLEASE READ Hey everyone, in regards to the YVES Corn Dogs, apparently some packages are vegan and some are not. PLEASE READ THE INGREDIENT LIST BEFORE BUYING! On the Yves website (link below), it says the corn dogs are vegan ingredients-wise but is not suitable for those with an egg/milk allergy because of cross-contamination. Many viewers are thankfully reporting that the Corn Dogs in their area contain egg, milk, and honey in the ingredients list! Obviously, I didn't know this since the Yves website listed no animal products in the ingredients (as of upload date). However, this is a good reminder to ALWAYS check the ingredients list of any product that may or may not be vegan since ingredient lists change and the updated version will always be on the physical package. These corn dogs might be vegan or might not be vegan in your area /country, so please check ingredient list before consuming: http://yvesveggie.ca/en/products/quick-meals/veggie-corn-dogs/

  2. Oreo is cheap and the knock-off of the original cookie brand : what are you talking about ?? XD All these cookies are trash. Love your energy tho 🙂

  3. Omgoodness I love your response to the chocolate bar!! That's me when I have PMS 🤣🤣 and I get my hands on some good vegan chocolate!!! It's Heavenly!!

  4. Would be cool if you could also let us know the price (we can work out into our own currencies) . A lot of the veggie food that I have tried come in very small packets and are super expensive. Difficult to manage if you have a family to feed.

  5. If you get gardein you have to get the ones without sauce packets (the non sauce pork bites are great in recipes tho). And ooof seeing the light life bacon is a big no 😬 tastes like beggin strips (the dog treats) if you were a gremlin child

  6. I was really interested in the Yves corn dogs, until I noticed on the box that it only said vegetarian. So I looked up the ingredients list and to my SHOCK Found **whey, skim milk, eggs, egg whites) Now since I Just watched your "Foods that are surprisingly Not vegan, and you should ALWAYS Read The Ingredients, AND I thought you were a vegan, not just a vegetarian… I'M SERIOUSLY CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anything miyokos….especially their butter sticks……are bomb! This mozz works awesome in lasagna!! Chao original slices and Yves salami have been my 2 fav sandwich things!!! Love u guys!!

  8. A cooking tip for the pork bits from Gardein. I pan fry the pork bits with some a little bit of sesame oil and let them get crispy then add the sauce that comes in the package. I also serve it over rice and everyone loves them.

  9. Oh fuck man. Edgy Veg you made me buy carnist corn dogs and they're not even VEGAN! I live in T.O. like you and I just bought them at Metro and ate them. I feel fuckn terrible. I bought them because of you! I will never trust you again!

  10. Those taquitos tasted like a scam against vegans and I'm not here for it!! haha I should've returned them. Didn't understand how they tasted to awful.

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