Testing TikTok Pasta Recipes (But making them VEGAN!)

Today we’re testing more viral TikTok recipes! This time we’re focusing in on pasta.. There are definitely some winners and some …


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  1. That last recipe reminded me a little bit of cheese ravioli. Since I鈥檓 gluten intolerant and a vegan I cannot find gluten-free dairy free cheese ravioli. So maybe it would work for me.

  2. As soon as those noodles were broken in half, oh hell noooo. Any sort of stir and bake casseroles or one pot pastas generally make me cringe. I know a lot of people love it and it works for them so respect but, I can't lol.

  3. Tbh they all look good to me. I like mushy pasta, mushy rice, savory porridge, thick or thin. I usually mush it even more with a fork (no one is watching me) The pasta I make always turns out mushy. Apparently I'm not very good at kneading dough.

  4. Ok so hear me out. I make pasta the first way sometimes. There are some big differences though. I either make my own pasta sauce or I season a jar version. I only use penne, rigatoni, or rotini. I blend some tofu into the sauce. Then I bake it for 20-30 min. Now she is right you can make pasta on the stove in 8 minutes but that doesn't count the amount of time it takes water to boil. Also it's just easier because I usually have my home made sauce or jarred on hand. I come home from work, do my method hop in the shower, clean a little and boom dinner is ready.

  5. I do like that recipe that well your world veganized and made a bit healthier, too. Pasta, cheese and I think a bunch of cherry or grape tomatoes, in an instant pot. It is actually kinda quick & easy, worth the trouble

  6. That one stuffed pasta seemed like a ravioli or tortellini with extra steps lmao at first I was thinking oh for like a dinner party like finger food app kinda vibes but idk just make some kinda stuffed pasta without the stick and call it a day! Lmao

  7. Sorry, but none of these are innovative or special. Roasting vegetables isn't special or new. Spaghetti with cheese and tomato sauce is boring and in that recipe completely ruined a simple and delicious pasta dish.

  8. I have a really bad like texture aversion to onions and that first recipe made me pass away. On the good side I'm super lactose intolerant so seeing you veganize these recipes makes me excited

  9. I have no problem with one-pot pastas if I'm feeding 4-6 people. Just cooking for me? Not so much-the leftovers tend to be gluey. I'd rather boil some pasta while making a quick sauce.

  10. The first recipe tastes so bad bc the tomato is so diluted and the pasta is over cooked. Those are like the first 2 rules broken of making pasta 馃槀

  11. Thanks for trying these recipes Candice so we don't have to. There's one ingredient that Candice adds to your recipes that's the ingredient of love 馃挄(even when Candice doesn't love 馃槏 the recipe). Love 馃グ the video and love 馃挒鈾ワ笍 Candice.

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