TESTING Viral TikTok Air Fryer Recipes (I can’t believe I made these…)

Welcome back to my channel! Today we’re testing viral TikTok Air Fryer recipes. With air fryers becoming more popular, you know …


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  1. Thanks, Candice! Can you tell us about your air fryer/multi cooker. I had not heard of that brand before so I've looked it up. Do you love it? What made you choose that particular one? Thank you!!

  2. So. I put a slice of veggie cheese on my cooked veggie burger to melt in the airfryer. Soooo. Don't do this. I opened it up when done and my cheese had flown off and was stuck to the side of my airfryer container. 🤣

  3. I think the pancake recipe was real because the pancakes she made looked just like the ones in the video but under done. I think she just didn't want to believe it was real because she already said she thought it was fake so she didn't want to put it back in.

  4. I am watching this video right now and when you said (the muffins) that it’s better than the mud cakes in the microwave, I immediately laughed because I said the same thing… BIG UPGRADE from micro-MUDCAKE

  5. The pancake one looked more fluffy like the fluffy Japanese pancake and maybe try making the batter like that it needs more baking powder to rise up and don't stack them on top of each other

  6. Enjoyed watching this video👍 I'm actually going to buy an air fryer. I had one for so long but it broke and I didn't buy any since that. Now I'm going to buy one and will be trying your recipes 😋

  7. I have made dinner rolls in the air fryer from scratch and they worked just fine so I’m not surprised that the cupcakes worked. But I do like the idea of making a cupcake or two from batter kept in the refrigerator. It might help me not eat so many at once. L O L

  8. Another excellent video Candice. Not giving you a time to put the so called pancakes in the air fryer suggests it was a joke/scam recipe. Love 🥰 the video and the other recipes look good. Love 💕 Candice.

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