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  1. You don't need lime for Pad Thai sauce, it's just only tamarind (with fish-sauce and little of sugar). In this video, for me, it's not even a basic Pad Thai in local restaurants, also not even close to what my grandma made for me (i dont wanna use "orginal" bc Pad Thai has a little difference depending on areas, like my grandma lived in Singhburi and she didn't put any meats in Pad Thai but my mom did it). I would say that you can use other ingredients that quite similar to the orginal or the basic for making Pad Thai if you cant find those exactly, but the taste and method shouldn't be different, especially shouldn't be like this video.

  2. im indian vegetarian, i enjoy watching all these videos. i dont feel like eating , but simply watching annnny fast cooking video relaxes me. will i get killed for that?

  3. There is gonna be so much rice noodle stick to the bottom of the wok if you just dump the whole lot with that little oil. Does not matter if you use a nonstick pan…. still stick af

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