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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Day, today. Chef Parisi and your loved ones. So blessed, to have your knowledge, and sincere cooking and baking recipes and tips today . God Bless..

  2. oh btw I was watching Jamie Oliver on tv the other day and he asked Genaro Contaldo 'Do you want to be my commie today Genaro? (or however the spelling is) And I shouted 'I know what that means!!!! 🙂 Thanks for all you do Billy

  3. Billy!! it was so great, please do more of this, the one before Christmas would be great too. And yes, there was a notification and option for a reminder for this live session. I have, again, been checking your older videos and I've made the gnocchi w arrabiata 3 times already, so great. Thanks so much for everything and the inspiration. I thihk you should pin or recommend those previous recipes in your new vids, bc maybe many still don't know them and those are great dishes and with so much information and so much to learn. Have a great Thanksgiving! 🙂

  4. Hi Chef! Does an organic, free range turkey taste gamey or any different than a butterball or regular store bought turkey? Is there a certain brand that you recommend? I like traditional tasting turkeys that are not gamey. Thanks

  5. Hi, from the U.K. Wales actually, i live on the coast which is a treat, sea sea and more sea, but that gives us amazing sea resource, we also produce welsh marsh fed lamb and these are lamb that graze on a tidal marsh which gives the lamb a totally incredible taste. I have grown my own sweet potatoes this year on my allotment, so am looking for a sweet potato recipe to help get through them, so will be trying this as i have never had sweet potato pie. Love your channel and the professional, clear, concise and friendly way you produce the videos.

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