That time I did mushrooms with a stranger….

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  1. I don't know how anyone takes mushrooms in such chaos, even while fun. I'm buried in my bed & deep in my head nearly the whole trip. Usually going through ego death, constant state of gratitude & humbling the self. Visuals are nice but my brain doesn't get lost in them as something fun like others do I guess? I do have a double-disassociation disorder (Where I can be outside myself outside myself to try & keep control of myself in chaos/trauma/etc.) from childhood trauma/CPTSD so maybe that has to do with it? One of the most powerful, humbling things I experienced was living and dying as a cow.

    How do you concert on mushrooms? From how my brain & body goes on it, it doesn't seem possible lol! Glad people can have fun with it I suppose, I get brain-locked into being present with the self while being away from the body, opening my mind etc.

  2. When you've experienced psilocybin, the visions, the feeling that others feel, become really relatable and real. But when you haven't, it could sound very weird and wrong.

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