These tasty vegan hot dog recipes will turn any plain wiener into a flavourful party for your mouth! I know this list of 10 Gourmet …


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  1. This is amazing! Every single one is a winner and not too ingredient heavy, simple, way to S P A N the G A M M O T there edgy veg, AND, you are so very pretty 🥰♥️💜👏😎💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😌👌

  2. Was just watching your video and trying to think who you remind me of……just twigged. You look like this actress, Vanessa Ray, from Blue Bloods. 🙂

  3. To all those comments about her marriage to James I noticed on the website James still has his name on it. It is possible she and James have moved into a new home due to the number of 🐕 living there. If she wants to reveal why she is in a new home and James isn't in the videos or she hasn't put anything on YouTube for 2 months she will and if she doesn't that's up to her. She is intitled to a private life and doesn't have to share every aspect of her life with you and you should respect that.

  4. Missed your face and personality, the personality behind the food. This is a great return-to-form, and honestly, I can't decide which hot dog to try first. Maybe one a month and two repeated? Though, with so many different vegan sausage-type products available now, I can do three versions of each recipe, so it may be more like one per week! Lordy, I'm planning my New Years weight loss resolution already! TFP : )

  5. "omg where is her ring and new place wow they broke up probably mmmmm." ???????? I usually take my promise ring off when I cook or do things around the house so I don't dirty it up. I plan to continue this with my engagement/wedding band. If she moved, it's likely she's doing a lot of physical labor, plus I never noticed her ring much before while she was doing recipe videos. While I wear my ring in the shower occasionally because I'm forgetful, I usually make sure to remove it from any situation it could get dirty or possibly damaged. I imagine Candice is similar. Either you guys who are posing the question have never cared about something with significance before or you think it's in your rights as a fan to jump to the conclusion she's somehow gone through a break up. Could she have? Sure. Is it her business? Yes. There are many variables as to why someone would move and not wear their wedding band during a move other than a break up. I'm not trying to be rude here, and if you take offense to what I've said I'm sorry about that. I'm just being bluntly honest. Let's all just take a moment to not care about if she's wearing something or where she's at, and watch what we're all here for. Some gosh darn amazing vegan foods.

    Edit: I get people really do care for Candice and want her to know she has a support unit. That's great and very admirable, but I think the way it's being brought up at the first sight of a change is a little bit too much jumping the gun.

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