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  1. As a Korean I love to wrap sesame leaf, lettuce, normal pork belly, ssamjang, sesame sauce (the sesame oil and salt and pepper), garlic cooked on the grill, kimchee, and rice. So delicious.

  2. Jasmine : Is it disrespectful if I eat with my hands? Absolutely not! Eat however you want! If it gets into your mouth, into you stomach, you are eating it right. Unless you order rice during all you can eat

    Others who eat rice with their hands : ( ° o ° )

    Calling out the Kampung Malays and others who eat rice with their hands 🤭

  3. What Korean ever calls sesame leaves shisho leaves? They are similar but not the same, shisho leaves are Japanese and not as pungent or strong in flavor like the Korean sesame leave which is called 깻잎(kkaet-ip). Most Korean bbq restaurants in LA never have sesame leaves, there are only a few places that have them and you have to pay for it.

  4. The meat in this looks weak, just looks like beef jerky that's been cooked instead
    Probably a better overall experience compared to country bbq because they overcharge for it.
    Getting fat cuts of meat and going to the park is the best though, bring some olive oil to brush it while it's cooking add some oregano last minute throw sea salt on your plate.

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