The Best Authentic New Orleans Beignets Recipe

These deliciously easy to make light and fluffy fried beignets covered in powdered sugar will make you feel like your right at Café du Monde in New Orleans.


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  1. I doubled the recipe and they turned out super good…Infact, guests and my children said they are much better than Cafe DuMonde Beignets…lol …Thanks so much for the recipe chef!

  2. Beignets are sooo freakin delicious, I’ve been wanting to make these for at least 2 weeks now (my brother us to come up and stay the weekends with me when I was away at school/college) and we would always make his favorite homemade beignets, buttermilk biscuits or a homemade T.G.I.Fridays copy cat dumpling recipe………. That was a while ago bc I don’t think they even have those dumplings at T.G.I.Fridays anymore……. But I could be wrong…….

  3. Made these yesterday. Scrumptious! We have eaten them at Cafe Du Monde. Wish We were there now. New Orleans is fantastic! Unless you have a big family at home you may want to half the recipe. It makes a ton. Usually my grandson wanders in to help fry but we have to distance right now. I miss my family but we must stay safe until danger is over. Thanks for great recipe. I will subscribe.

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