The Best CAULIFLOWER WINGS…With Cereal?!

I may have just created the best Cauliflower wings on YouTube. Using a new secret ingredient involving cereal, this vegan …


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  1. Just like my original bacon recipe, I wanted to remix my cauliflower wings and take them to the next level! Which cereal would you use to coat yours with?!

  2. Sorry, I love your recipes, videos and whole vibe. And this one is pretty creative, cereals create a lovely texture.
    But these 24fps vids are painful to look at, esp. during the motions of the combining / cooking process and camera pans. (Dunno why but Babish and other cooks do the same, ugly but cinematic i guess)
    Apologies again, just picky aesthetic things, but great work otherwise

  3. I have tasted hundreds of vegan recipes that tried to be a meat dish and not a single one of them tasted like real meat… but guess what? When I make a real meat meal, I also make a vegan version of it and use it as my vegetable. My friends are impressed that the vegetable dishes taste so good! Yeah, baby! A real meat and a vegan fake meat as the vegetable is the way to go! Except I use almond flour instead of high carb flour.

  4. You know.. it would be amazing to me if you could figure out how to do these without grains or starches. Scd legal basically… I can't figure it out. Does pea protein flour fry.. cauliflower flour… ah..

  5. I get confused by mixed emotions here.
    On the one hand, this is a "food porn" delight.
    On the other hand, it's sheer torture, because I don't have half the stuff to make it RIGHT NOW! Aaaahhhh!!!!
    As to my change ups, I might consider adding in a touch of chickpea flour, or maybe buckwheat. I also like Telema consomme, but I am not sure of the sourcing of its palm oil, so I haven't bought it lately, till I find out if it's from a sustainable grow. I would use that in place of both the salt and garlic salt, part of the onion powder, because it's a salty soup base, like a bullion, and has onion in it. I can't think of any other cereals, but panko crosses my mind. Cheers.

  6. First recipe I've tried from you and I am so ecstatic with the results. My family and I recently became vegan and I cannot wait to indulge in more of these amazing recipes. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful videos!!!

    With love,

  7. First these are AMAZING! Loved the texture. I am going to use my air fryer next time to see how it goes. I fried them this first time out but cooking with lots of oil is not our thing and we want this recipe in our regular rotation! Seasonings were spot on for us. Second thanks to this I just fell inlove with Marys Test Kitchen. Two wins in one video.
    Family is moving to more plant based diets with one already vegetarian with very minimal animal products. Your recipes have helped us discover some new tasty foods.

  8. Aside from the whole D3 and how god damn good they look!! Has anyone tried doing this in the air fryer or ovenbaked?? … was hoping to not use oil. But I totally understand they just wouldn’t be as deliciously crunchy.

  9. Thank you! Is there a reason that you bake the cauliflower instead of just frying? I've made your other fried cauliflower recipe which did not require the pre baking. Does it add more flavor or are you just wanting the cauliflower to be softer? Thx. These look really delish.

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