The Best Creamy Vegan Pasta Sauce You'll Ever Eat

In today’s video I’m sharing my recipe for the best creamy vegan pasta sauce you’ll ever eat. Made from walnuts instead of …


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  1. I buy cashews in bulk so guess what I used instead of walnuts? I actually made quite a few changes to this recipe. After I sautéed the onions and garlic I blended them with the cashews, some pea milk, nooch and maybe a 1/2 cup of vegan cheese I found in the fridge.

    I separately cooked a jalapeño, half a red bell pepper and some shredded purple cabbage. I added these on the top of the pasta + creamy sauce. It was marvelous! Thanks Candice!

  2. This was super good. Just made it with cashews as I did not have walnuts. I did not have vegan parm and used nutritional yeast. And almond milk – that’s what I had. Girl you weren’t kidding! This was super good, it definitely made it into my tried&true file. Love the simplicity.

  3. never thought of walnuts but keen to try! I soak cashews and use them, as well as frying off garlic, brown onion and fresh chilli. I add soy or almond milk and vegetable stock cubes or powder to the pan with it all, and then add it to the cashews and blend. It is SO damn good and a great GF alternative!

  4. Does anyone here in the comments have a sauce recipe that isn’t made from nuts. I’m not allergic but I dislike them so so much. I’ve tried to enjoy them all different kinds but I just don’t like them one bit

  5. Awesome recipe, never considered using walnuts before. This actually gave me an idea to use your cream in a tomato soup.
    Its a cold day here in Montreal so a creamy tomato soup will really hit the spot.

    With a vegan grilled cheese of course.

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