The Best Homemade Cannoli Recipe

Learn how to make delicious Sicilian style homemade cannoli’s that are stuffed up with an amazing sweet sheep’s milk ricotta cheese. Subscribe …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I never understand why a competent cook would use a spoon to clear a liquid ingredient from a bowl, I would think a small rubber spatula would clean out a container much better than a spoon…just saying!

  2. The only thing[s] keeping me from attempting this is: Requiring special items that I probably would not be able to use for anything else, and there are several places near where I live that have good to great cannolis.

  3. A good idea is to fill the shells as close to serving them as possible. Filling them way ahead of time can result in the ricotta making the shells soggy. If your ricotta doesn't drain well, try draining them at room temperature instead of in the fridge. Some people don't add the chocolate with the ricotta but dip one end into chocolate chips and the other end into chopped pistachio nuts….it's all good.

  4. Made this recipe. I had to continually add water bc my dough was way too crumbly. Then I decided I needed more flour, but the dough was not becoming elastic or bouncing back at all. So I added vital wheat gluten. They came out like moist bread. Not flaky. I'm going to try removing them from the molds and baking them to pull the extra moisture out. If anyone has any suggestions for next time I'm open to them

  5. Your videos are excellent, I’m retired and enjoy cooking for my family (especially the grandchildren) your tutorials have improved my skill level/confidence immensely… thank you
    Keep safe and Keep smiling

  6. I lived in New York for 20 yrs, canoli tears up my stomach. My husband is italian/American grew up all italian cookin & of New York do not lack of that tradition… I feel bad for him So I will make this for him.. Thank you, I enjoy watching you teach . I never get bored, in fact I watched him twice or over and over.

  7. I’ve tried the recipe 3 times and pretty happy with the results… but the blisters were huge and the dough were more on the dry side. Do you have any tips to improve? Thank you for the recipe again!!

  8. Billy, I absolutely love your recipes. I haven’t tried very many on them but I’m working up to it. They’re straight forward and easy to follow. I’m getting up in years, 78, and because of arthritis in my hands am unable to knead dough by hand. What’s your opinion of using a stand mixer for kneading? Believe me, I’m not lazy just can’t do everything the way I use to. I tried your recipe for white bread and it was wonderful, even if I did knead with a mixer. Do you have any recipe books in the works? I’ve downloaded every one of your recipes on YouTube but my poor iPad is getting overloaded. Keep up the good work. You’re fantastic!

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