The Best Philly Cheesesteak Recipe

It’s time to take a trip up to the Northeast with this Authentic Philly cheesesteak smothered in caramelized onions and served up in a toasted bun and topped off …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. You were almost there until you messed up the cheese application. Either melt on top of steak on grill and use roll to steam or put on roll first if using whiz.

  2. I do agree that once learned how to make a Philly at home is better than any shop can do. I had a Philly from a shop owned by a Pat's decendent out west. Very good sandwich. After some trial and error at home, I now make a better cheesesteak in my kitchen. I have used chuck steak, top sirloin, NY Strip. All come out better than what I can get locally. Key for me is properly seasoned meat. I use a Montreal Steak Seasoning. Getting a decent rolll around here is a challenge. I make do with the local grocers store baked sub rolls, but I need to modify it. Provolone is my cheese of choice

  3. Amazing. A little secret we have is to add swiss cheese to the sauce. So I replaced the American cheese entirely with swiss cheese and it was the best thing EVER! Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

  4. Looks great, but here is one thing to amp it up more. When the steak and onions are on the grill that is when you put the cheese on and fold it into the meat. So every bite is gooey cheeseyness.

  5. Finally tried this today, and I gotta tell ya, Chef, your cheese concoction made all the difference. I’m not a big fan of provolone on sandwiches, and around here they only ever offer American cheese as an option, no cheese wiz. I like American, but it lacks the big flavor you need for this sandwich. The sharp cheddar/American combo is amazing. I did add green peppers because the onions deserve it, and I toasted the inside of the bun, but this is without a doubt the best Philly cheesesteak I’ve ever had! Thank you!!!

  6. I use Sara Lee Angus medium roast beef (Walmart) I get in two pound batches cut on 1. At home I dice the beef and make it the same way.

  7. Instead of American cheese, use Colby/Jack, it tastes 100% better and doesn't give that slimy mouth feel that you get with American Cheese, I mean, if you;re going to make a point of not using Cheez-wiz, why are you using American cheese?

  8. I'm not from the US, so forgive me for bastardizing one of your national icons, but I like to use Brie cheese, barbecue sauce, mayo & a bit of mustard

  9. I've been making cheesesteaks at home for years. My beef and onions always turned out fine, but the cheese was always the sticking point. My friend in Philly said to use American, but it always felt a little wrong to put Kraft singles on caramelized onions and steak. This cheese sauce, though, is now my go-to. Its amazing.

  10. While I agree that you should season everything with at least salt & pepper. Certain things shouldn’t be seasoned if seasoned ingredients & components comes later, sauces, condiments, toppings, etc. otherwise, it’d be too salty as if we added salt to our salted butter for some reason lol.

    Loving the recipe regardless & especially the cheese sauce. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Oooooo!!! Can’t wait to try this! Excellent instructions. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen American cheese in a solid block. Would that be Velveeta or something else?

  12. Hey Billy,

    I love your channel. Thank you, the food has all turned out exactly like you said it would! I have noticed though when cooking in the noisy kitchen that I have trouble hearing you from my laptop on full volume. I imported a few mp3's from your channel and found the volume had room to the upside without clipping. I wanted to suggest turning your master track volume up 5 decibels.

    all love,

  13. Sorry Chef, as a Philadelphian I cannot say this was the "best" recipe. Usually at the neighborhood spots the cheese of choice is American or Provolone. The cheese sauce looks really good.

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