The BEST VEGAN CHEESES Ranked (These are WORTH It)

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  1. I used to hate Daiya cheese! But I saw videos where you said they had better flavor now, or formulas…🤷🏻‍♀️ Anyhow, it made me try the Daiya Jalapeño Havarti block cheese and, OH MY GOSH IT’S SO GOOD!!!!!! Melts great! I put some of that and the Follow Your Heart Smoked Gouda on some chips and made nachos! Both melted so great and tasted so good!

  2. Chao original takes like butter and nothing like dairy cheese. 🤮
    Daiya cutting board is my favorite for shreds. Violife is good also. FYH is the best sliced American cheese. They also have the best pepper jack slices, but I cannot find them in stores anymore. 😔 They taste just like dairy pepper jack, even cold! It's amazing!!! If anyone can find it, buy it!

  3. In England we have a brand called “cathedral city”. They recently brought out a vegan cheese that demolishes all others. I won’t buy any other brand now.

  4. I would ask is there a good vegan cheese for making a cheese sauce that melts and doesn’t taste of coconut as all the cheeses I have tried taste very strongly of coconut oil and it puts me off 😢

  5. Other than the Daiya, Chao, and Violife… I have never heard or seen any of the others you talk about and some sound amazing. I have Good Planet, and Miyoko's, and Follow Your Heart brands in my area.

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