THE BEST VEGAN MUNCHIES RECIPES | 10 Vegan Snack Ideas | The Edgy Veg

Need some weekday or weekend vegan munchies inspo? Perfect! Here are the 10 BEST VEGAN MUNCHIES RECIPES on the …


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  1. The cauliflower wings though! I’ve been doing it all wrong this while! So scared to get my fingers “dirty” I think this is a very effective way to make them very fast. I will make them for my friends for sure! Thanks

  2. Where have you guys been? Sorry guys but don’t really like this format for your videos. Really enjoy when you walk through the recipes and the comedy between. I thought someone hacked your account and made this compilation of videos or something 🤷🏻‍♀️ anyway missed you guys

  3. I don't really like cashew nuts based sauces and dips, they all have slightly sweet aftertaste, so I've started to use walnuts instead and it's a true revelation. And now I need deep fried pickles in my life 😂

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