THE Chicken Marsala Recipe I learned to make at the first Italian restaurant I ever worked at

Bring your favorite Italian restaurant to your own house with this very easy-to-make delicious Italian Chicken Marsala Recipe. Chicken marsala is a classic Italian …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I think that your recipe selection is perfect for your target demographic, the tutorials are easy to understand and easily followed by new cooks and home cooks looking to expand their skill set.

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  4. Chef, why you are not 475 lbs in girth is beyond me. You have some amazing self control. I'd be larger than a Zeppelin if I had the opportunity to eat food created by you, being that I could never stop.

  5. You did this very correctly but you made yourself a lot of extra dishes to clean up. You could do the whole chicken prep straight on the board and only have to clean it once.

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