THE Chicken Marsala Recipe I learned to make at the first Italian restaurant I ever worked at

Bring your favorite Italian restaurant to your own house with this very easy-to-make delicious Italian Chicken Marsala Recipe.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. My husband requested Chicken Marsala for dinner this week so I spent the past few days scouring YouTube for a recipe. I finally decided on yours and it did not disappoint! The techniques for cooking the mushrooms, onion/shallot and garlic were super helpful. I did make a few adjustments based on recipes from other videos, but overall the results were amazing! I used boneless skinless chicken thighs (I didn’t pound them), used finely diced sweet onion, added some cooking sherry, fresh thyme and sage as well as a few glugs of heavy cream. It was my first time making it and my son and husband enjoyed it so much that they both went back for thirds! It’s definitely a recipe that was not as daunting as I anticipated because of your video! Thank you so much!

  2. After reviewing several Marsala recipes online, I decided to go with yours. I must have watched your video 5-7 times while I was making it to ensure I did everything exactly as you did. Well, it turned out perfectly and was delicious 😋 ! Thank you so much for teaching "fundamental techniques"! I just liked and subscribed 😊!

  3. I just made this. The sauce was delicious but to be honest I found the chicken. Kinda bland. Was I doing something wrong or was it my chicken?
    I was going to ask have you done a tutorial on knife-skills and knife sharpening

  4. So enjoy your videos! Just watched your video on your new website, WOW, THIS WILL BE AMAZING🤩. The chicken Marsala was next…so of course I had to watch that too🤩.
    In your studio kitchen… could you share the brand of refrigerator you have with the drawers please. Thank you.

  5. Been about 15yrs since I made this as a lead line cook working in an Italian restaurant. You jogged my memory chef, thanks for helping me brush the dust off – made it for the children and now its on the house menu!

  6. I watched your video 3 times to make sure I knew how to make this recipe, printed it out and it was so delicious ! Got rave reviews and will definitely be making this again. Thanks so much!

  7. I tried this recipe after the chicken fricassee and the teriyaki chicken it came out perfect. The taste was everything easy to follow at home and yes the pictures and up close of each steps helps. Can't wait to try more.

  8. I think that your recipe selection is perfect for your target demographic, the tutorials are easy to understand and easily followed by new cooks and home cooks looking to expand their skill set.

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