The Chicken Salad Recipe I ate every day for two summers

You will absolutely love this chicken salad recipe that is loaded up with celery, grapes, and almonds that comes together in no …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I had the best chicken salad of my life in Key West and the recipe was almost identical to this; they added one really cool ingredient: toasted pine nuts. So good I still remember it years later. Thanks for the Lawrey’s idea!

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  3. Nice recipe, although I prefer pecan nuts above almonds. But I would never ever put it on an unhealthy, fatty croissant. Rather on some whole wheat bread with a bit of lettuce (no tomato).

  4. Lawry's seasoning has MSG folks! This is a toxic ingredient… please look this up. MSG also is disguised by food manufacturers with other substitute names which is deceptive. Headaches, chest pains, heart palpitations, numbness in the face, etc. I ended up in the emergency room after consuming this ingredient at a restaurant 30 yrs ago. Comingly found in certain brands of canned soup and stock, instant meals, boxed foods that save time, etc. Also in some condiments such as soy sauce.

  5. I appreciate you so much. Your approach to cooking and secret techniques are invaluable to me. My best friend and I share a love of chicken salad (tasty chicken salad, that is!), and I’m going to surprise her with this delicious salad and beautiful presentation. Thank you again for all you do!

  6. Another option I like to do sometimes (ok, almost always) is swap the dijon for a bit of curry powder & a couple teaspoons of Major Grey's Chutney, fresh cilantro instead of the dill/ tarragon, and toasted cashews for the almonds. Put THAT on a croissant & OMG! Reminds me of the "Coronation Chicken Salad" sandwiches I used to get when I spent time in Edinburgh, Scotland years ago.

  7. I also like to substitute Private Selection Orange Poppyseed Dressing for half of the mayo BUT, Kroger discontinued it. (also good in egg salad). It's so good I always had 1 bottle in the fridge and a backup in the pantry.

    I may have shed actual tears in the store when they stopped carrying it.. 😥 Didn't even get a chance to hoard some bottles in my pantry.

  8. This seems a lot like chicken salad that I used to order when I lived in Atlanta – from an ice cream shop, of all places. My favorite was what they called an Almond Chicken Salad Melt. Yes, on a croissant. Cheese was probably havarti. When I attempt to copy I lightly toast the sliced or slivered almonds and add them when I assemble the sandwich before grilling it.

  9. Raisins would be a good addition. How about dried cranberries? Those sound good too. Grapes, you wouldn’t think that would be yuck! It’s not. My sisters introduced me to grapes with chicken salad. Even tuna.

  10. He really should let the chicken sit and rest to room temperature before putting in the fridge as it will increase the temperature in the fridge itself. Also I’m one of the few I guess that probably disagrees with a croissant being the bread of choice. I real French croissant should be light, airy, flaky, and buttery. The light and airy quality with the flakiness doesn’t really work with a chunky mayo based protein. Also the tomatoes take away from the herbs and celery, onions, and grapes within the salad itself. Less is more.

  11. Made this minus nuts (daughter is allergic) for years. The grapes just take it up a notch. Another great salad is can tuna, small cubes of cheddar and small chopped sweet apples. Sounds like an odd combo but it's really good.

  12. Thank you for this recipe. I can't wait to try it! I love Arby's chicken salad sandwich. This sounds similar, but I think it will be even better. I will try it with the homemade mayo and tarragon, which I'm think the Arby's recipe doesn't use. I think the pecans and grapes add just the right amount of sweetness, without making it too sweet.

  13. As an afterthought I added the dijon mustard and noticed that you did too. I added dried cranberries, half greek yogurt and half mayo. I then added the old bay seasoning and it tasted great. Will let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours for the flavours to blend together. Will see what it tastes like.

  14. The problem with rotisserie chicken is that they use the worst chickens that are loaded with hormones and anti-biotics. I prefer organic chicken if I’m going to eat meat. A splash of tarragon vinegar also takes it up a notch. Love tarragon!

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