The Coconut Shrimp Recipe Everyone Should Know

This easy-to-make delicious Coconut Shrimp recipe is served up with a complimentary zesty orange dipping sauce. You will love …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Hello Billy.
    I am planning to make these next week. Nice coincidence.
    Your sauce is very similar to the one I make.
    My Shrimps though, I like to flatten them out. Makes for a different bite. They look bigger too.
    I also like to splash them with Lemon sometimes.
    Since I have a big bag of 16-20s, I'm making Seafood shells tomorrow. That'll be great too.
    Thanks, Billy & be well & safe.

  2. I had some shrimps and was not sure what to do; you gave me a great idea. Happened to be I had all ingredients and shrimp is for dinner today. They came out SUPER good! Thank you!!!!

  3. Yum 😋 Can't wait to make these tonight! Chef Billy, if I freeze these, do I need to thaw them before frying them or do I put them directly into the oil from the freezer? TYIA

  4. Because of pancreatitis, I have to have very low fat, but you can make these with Eggbeaters and then put them in an air fryer to cut out a lot of the fat. They're still good!

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