The most EPIC vegan LASAGNA recipe ever

I’m not going to lie… This is the truly the BEST Vegan Lasagna I’ve ever eaten in the past 8 years of testing all the vegan lasagna …


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  1. I just made a bechamel sauce that was similar to this one and another vegan YouTuber's recipe. It was the first time I made vegan lasagna, or any lasagna. It was also the first time I used a bechamel sauce, it was so good on the lasagna! I don't really care for straight up vegan cheese most of the time, so this was perfect! I didn't use a recipe for my sauce and vegan meat, but I used the recipe from this channel for tofu ricotta, with a few tweaks. I also made the lasagna noodles from scratch. I'm not fully vegan, but I've been really into these types of vegan YouTube channels and trying to make vegan dishes whenever possible. I normally don't even cook, but it's been fun trying to make vegan versions of classics like lasagna and Mac and cheese (I highly recommend Tabitha Brown's recipe cuz it's so good!)

    Love this channel! Thanks for the delicious recipes and great videos 🙂

  2. Great recipe framewodk. I made mine with 1 beyond beef burger patty and 3 beyond beef sausages with minced mushroom and garlic, the texture and spices got more boost. Also i added shredded vegan mozzarella over each layer of white sauce, made with cashew cream, basil chiffonade, and nooch to the beshamel,. Also added minced onion, bell pepper, and zucchini to the meat bolognese. This felt super hearty to prep, divide, and store {6+ POUNDS) in an aluminum disposable baking oven tray! a convenience must have rotated recipe for me for sure as a vegan.

  3. Thank you so much! I loved the recipe. I modified it a bit since I'm stuck at home. I found in my pantry pushed all the way to the back quinoa flour hahah and oat milk instead of soymilk.

  4. How do you stay so thin using all those fattening ingredients. If I just look at fat or bread I gain weight. I have to stick to whole food fat free and I still need to loose like 10 pounds. It looks totally delicious though. I think I'll make it for my non-vegan co-workers at the next potluck.

  5. Just made this, I skipped making my own sauce and used store bought and added red peppers I needed to use up. It was very yummy. My whole family loved it. It looks, smells and tastes very much like the lasagna we grew up making. Thanks again Candace!

  6. love it!! i recommend getting a whisk with silicone on the ends for those metal pans 🥺 it’s so awful on the ears

  7. i do my lasagne the same but for the bechamel i always use veggie bouillon instead of milk 🤔🤔 and no cheese. oh i feel like i hear "but pasta contains eggs" every freakin day.. move on people!!

  8. I don’t get the american measurements for real?????? Like sometimes 1 cup is so small sometimes it’s as big as this milk cup there like??????

  9. I love this recipe, I’ll definitely try it out! But I have a tip for all of you other cheap people out there. I am Italian and one of the best ways to make vegan bolognese sauce/ragu is tvp! Tvp is so cheap if you buy in bulk or big bags and is so rich in protein!
    Plus, I have never seen anyone in Italy use both garlic and onions in the same (Italian recipe).
    One way I would make the sauce (which is been approved by many meat eating Italian friends) is as follows:
    – chop onions, celery and carrots
    -sautee in oil
    – then add dry tvp and roast for a few seconds
    – add a splash of white or red wine and cook until the alcohol evaporates completely
    – then add the tomato sauce (preferably tomato passata)
    – add lots and lots of basil! And some salt
    -cook for a while
    – these two final steps are optional but are amazing and will really up your vegan sauce game! Add a bit of nooch and a bit a of miso paste! The miso paste will add some umami flavour typical of a “meat” sauce and the nooch will just make it better because it is lowkey vegan crack!!

  10. My 11 year old made this lasagna last night. She followed it on the blog and watched the video and made the whole thing by herself. It was to die for!! She says: 'Thank you so much for this recipe! I put two cups of vegan cheese because I'm crazy. We loved it' xo

  11. I will make this in september for fall. Looks amazing, especially for my non vegan bf. If i had to request a recipe it be something summery to get that last bit of summer food wise. Idk what.

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