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  1. What are some options to end up with more meat on each bone/serving? My wife hates dealing with bones. I hate how roasts fall apart too much when braising. what's a happy medium? Maybe I'll cut and line up a chuck roast for braising in something more shallow and be really careful taking them out of the braise.

  2. No No No!!!! Do Not use a full bodied red wine! These have tanins that will comce trade during the reduction process. Use a light bodied wine such as pinot noir. Adam Ragusea suggests even a cheap white wine is acceptable though it creates a slightly different dish.

  3. Cant wait to try this one. Man, im glad i found this channel, lots of great recipes but also tons of great info that is uping my cooking game, thanks for that. I do have a question, though. And this is for many of your videos. Im only cooking for one… me, lol. If im only cooking 1/4 of your recipes, can I just cut the measurements down to 1/4? I would waste alot if I cook the whole recipe. Thanks.

  4. Great cooking instructions. Isn’t the point of adding tomato paste before (vs after as you advocate here) adding wine to brown the tomatoes in fat to develop more complex flavor: pincer (pin-sahr)? Not sure I could discern it either way. I just curious.

  5. I have tried 4 braized rib recipes including this one and find the reduction is inedible due to salt. I even started out with about 1/2 the salt content based on three other braised rib recipe failures and still too salty. To prove the point I worked it backwards from a 3/4 cup of water I used a 1/8 teaspoon and found the salt content is acceptable. From this 1/8 teaspoon of added salt I repeated the recipe and I agree the taste is worth the effort. In my first attempt using this recipe I found a way to reduce salt content, with the reduction I added back 1/4 cup of water and place a 1/2" thick 3" diameter slice of diced diakon radish and reduced again. The result was almost useable reduction from my first attempt. Repeating or adding more diakon would have probably reduced salt to a fully pleasant taste. Ribs good when made, I disagree it came be made ahead reheated: this maybe why I avoid short ribs at restaurants with exception of Korean.
    Side note- this salt issue is also similar with roasted prime rib which many recipes use excessive salt to penetrate the meat but the fonde becomes unuseable after roasting.
    My magic number is 1/8 of a teaspoon, obvious it is based on my taste. I have to believe at restaurants this prep is not followed rather it is separated into multiple separate actions: braise is its own then added to a separate prepared reduction using a different meat to produce the fonde with vastly reduced salt.

  6. Not bad. For anyone trying this dish, I would suggest not fully submerging the meat. Less liquid equals a more concentrated sauce as well as more Maillard reaction of the exposed surfaces of the meat.

  7. Chef – as I get ready to buy the ingredients to prepare the short ribs, in your opinion how many ribs per adult serving? Your written recipe calls for what looks like 12 ribs for 6 servings (2 lbs. approx. 6 each); whereas, the video looks like you're preparing 6 ribs.

  8. This always comes out good. Call me crazy, but this time I used a stick blender to puree the veggies and added some to the sauce before reducing it. Definitely added a lot of body and flavor to the sauce.

  9. I can’t express to you how good this came out. Not only one of the best things I’ve cooked, but one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Definitely restaurant quality. Thank you for bringing this into my life!

  10. You say "Mirepoix is the basis for all cooking." I feel it should be amended slightly to "Mirepoix is the basis for all Western cooking."?

  11. I tried this recipe and really enjoyed it. The pieces of short rib ended up being so small after cooking. Should I be asking for a larger piece of cut from the butcher?

  12. With the left over veg after straining, could you blits it up in a food processor or blender, add a little of the liquor from the short ribs and make a sort of thick vegetable soup? As I hate wasting food. What's your thoughts on that please? Tyfs.

  13. Chef, Everything was on point. Aside from adding salt to the braising liquid before it reduced. you know with a reduction comes concentration of flavors. However you did a hell of a job and this looks amazing, I can't wait to try it!

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