The ONLY Egg Salad Recipe You Need

This may hands down be the best egg salad recipe of all time and is jam-packed with onion, celery, garlic, pickles, and …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. It's get so ridiculous how people are building a better mouse trap. Leave the egg instructions out. We all know how to cook eggs. Again, we all know how to cook eggs. And it's not just you. Prolly 50% are on that train wreck of wasted video time.

  2. Thank you. Chopped dill pickle in deviled eggs and egg salad is so good. Will try your egg cooking method next time. I steamed for 12 minutes and only put in cold water as I didn't have ice. That methold peeled 100% easier than all boiling where the shell was hard to remove and took egg white off with it. I might need to get an egg slicer. I didn't know you could slice the yolk with the white and be done.

    Off to check out your spaghetti sauce recipe.

  3. A typically poncey egg sandwich vid. I just boil one egg for five minutes, slice it onto some buttered bread. Add some ketchup and eat it with some crisps. Maybe with some pickled onions.

  4. Cutting up the eggs, you can take my wife’s idea. She just put them in a small food processor and chop them up perfectly that way then you don’t have to worry about a knife cutting yourself any mistakes.

  5. He went and got one of those sandwiches because they were already premade. Don’t have to make them, but I’m not much for the store-bought sandwiches I don’t ever make my own.

  6. Insta pot is the best thing for boiled eggs. I got a silicone strainer tray that I put so I can put up the 24 eggs in there drop it down in there one cup of water just one cup of water is all it takes to cook the perfect egg in an Insta pot.

  7. I need to get a egg slicer! I’m almost 65 and have always sliced eggs with a knife! But after seeing how fast & easy that egg slicer was. I’m headed for Amazon to shop for one or go to Wally World and look for one! Can’t believe I’ve never thought of one before. No one I know uses one and my parents didn’t have one so this will be fantastic! I’m going to get one for my daughter and surprise her by acting like she should have known about them her whole life and been using one always and is behind times. Something she’s always harassing me about. So payback time! Lol

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