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  1. Why is it that almost every keto recipe has to contain cheese?? It's darn expensive here in Malaysia and definitely not lactose-intolerant or pcos keto-friendly🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. I tried several diets in the past. I have the will, just not the right diet. I finished the 1st day on keto diet today. Male with 66.5 kilos. I'll keep you posted.
    Edit1: down to 64.6 after a week
    Edit2: week 3 – down to 62.7
    Edit3: 1 month – 61.3
    Edit4: 61.0 after 2 weeks, hit the wall
    Edit5: 1 month and 3 weeks: 61….

  3. Do waffles, maybe egg yolks, crushed pork rinds, lil' almond flour,rice flour, baking powder, monk fruit sweetener,lots of butter and sf syrup. Now u finish my idea, your the chemist.

  4. EatLikeABear…intermittent fasting and KETO. Have lost 70# last year. More to go. 60+yr old female. Easiest way of eating ever. A1C of 4.0, and all numbers on CBC back within normal.

  5. I havent given up onions carrots or tomatoes ! and Im still losing and feeling so much better, everything in moderation , a savoury mince without onions !! no way ! x

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