The Only Lamb Shanks Recipe that Matters

Sink your teeth into this incredibly delicious, braised lamb shanks recipe that is slow-cooked in an amazingly flavored broth.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Love the video!! But how did you get your onions like that?? In way less than 45 mins mine were burnt and now my risotto is looking kinda brown 😆 what did I do wrong?? Still hoping it will taste ok 🙏🏽

  2. Love the video. Thank chef. Iv’e been binge watching videos on this simple dish and have see so much variation in cooking temps as well as whether to submerge the shanks or only cover them half way. Also yours is the first to use more than carrots and onions.

  3. We made this last night for dinner and it was outstanding! We really let the vegetables caramelize for the brazing liquid and also the onions for the risotto. After pulling the meat out I strained the brazing liquid into a pot and started to cook it down as directed. I noticed that much of the brazing liquid had splattered and dried onto the sides of my Le Creuset pot during the brazing, basically turning into an incredible demi glace. I scraped all of that off with a tablespoon and melted it into the strained brazing liquid. That my friends, is flavor like you can't imagine….

  4. Hi Billy I'm actually more of a watch collecting guy than a kitchen guy but I'm gradually learning to cook restaurant food at home because of your very inspiring videos. Can you show more of the watches you wear in the video? I just love watches being worn as tools by professionals working on what they do best. I left the same comment for Masterchef judge Monica Galetti, who incidentally wore a very tool like steel watch in her previous videos. Very nice. But she switched to an Apple watch which does not make any statement anywhere.

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